New and used Vertical Lifts, Vertical Carousels, Lektrievers, Shuttles, Megastar Lifts, and much more. Service and Relocations. NationWideShelving.com is AMERICA’S VERTICAL LIFT SUPERSTORE! Specializing in automated high-end performance based storage equipment. All of our equipment is available on the GSA contract.

Doing business nationwide, and across North America, no one else has the experience with vertical lifts, that we do, and no one else can match our price or our customer service.

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NationWide Shelving has provided automated solutions to agencies and departments of the Federal Government throughout the world. These systems provide increased productivity, ergonomics, reduction in floor space, ADA compliance and increased ease of operation.

NationWide Shelving provides complete systems management solutions.


Thank you to NationWideShelving for providing Mobile Shelving, Aurora Shelving and Times Two Speed Files to maximize our storage. Mobile Shelving is the only way we could fit everything into our storage areas!


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